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Kids These Days

Here is a photo of myself and Papa in Luneta. This must be 1987 (give or take a year or two) and back then, we used to go to Luneta so I could go biking. I learned to ride the bicycle without training wheels in Camp Aguinaldo, but my first experience on a bicycle was in Luneta.

I dunno who was more hip. Me, Papa, or his car.

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Patient Chronicles: Please Do Not Use “Injections” to Discipline Your Children

One day at Healthway, I was queued outside of the employee washroom and a little boy was being playful along the corridor. He wasn’t really being bad. He was just fine, actually (unremarkable because I remember smiling at him when I saw) but then I heard his mom call to him.
Mom: Halika dito ang likot mo! (Come here, you’re so naughty!)
Boy goes to his mother. I just stand there and smile at them. I was bored. Person in the washroom, before me, was taking so long (I wonder why?) Suddenly boy stands up and decides to play around the corridor again.
Mom: Stop playing around! Cge ayan na si Doc, bigyan ka ng injection! (You have to behave or the doctor will give you an injection)
The mom smiles at me and then winks. The person before me, has just exited the washroom and it was my perfect cue to leave. But just before I do so, I look at the mom and say: “Oh, please don’t use the injection to scare him.” 

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