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Will You Cross?

will you cross.jpg
One step. Two steps.
Will I take the ominous walk through an unfamiliar bridge?
Will you?
It’s an unstable and rotting structure
with truths masked
lies abounding
and there is a higher chance of you falling to oblivion
than ever making it to the other side.
But will you? 
Even if you are given no warranty,
no receipt of purchase
not a single fortifying evidence to make a claim?

One step forward. One step back.
It is a dizzying journey of uncertainty
I suffer of nausea from vertigo
and confusion,
so I need to let go.
I need to collect. I need to retreat. 
I need to go away.
Far away where the bridge is unseen
and not inviting me to cross
But I took one step and another 
moving towards the field of dreams
the comforting touch
the placating whisper
the uplifting urges that promised change
Every given day I take one step forward, one step back,
never going anywhere
That’s the truth
So, will you cross?
Should I cross?
Should I leave?

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I am a dentist and in between patients I am a writer. I have been a blogger since 2004 and writing is something that is most natural to me, like breathing air... words are my sustenance and this blog, is my breathing space.

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