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Another Year… and So I’m 37

I love the sunsets. Apart from it being a beautiful sight to witness… I like what it symbolizes. HOPE. It gives a bittersweet representation of life. When the sun sets, it closes the day to mark its end, but it also leaves with the promise to come back tomorrow. Bitter. Sweet.

Today, I turn 37. That’s how many sunsets that passed since my birth? And as I look back at the year, I realize that apart from surviving, I am also grateful for the sufferings.

Wait… why am I talking about sufferings on my birthday?

“Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; character, hope.”

Romans 5: 3-4

No one wants to suffer, but these things come into your life, without you expecting it, so you have to take it.

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned in my 37 years is to surrender. You see, I am generally a control freak. I was worst when I was younger, but I’ve given up much control over the last few years. I used to maneuver things as I see it fit (people and circumstances) until my life came crashing in front of me and I finally understood that there are some things that I cannot control. That there’s a limit. And that most especially, you cannot control what other people will do… so at some point you have to relinquish your power.

God is Hope

No one wants to suffer. If I could plan my life I would want to always be happy, but that’s not possible. So I am grateful to the Lord because his love has taught me to see the glory in my sufferings. My life (now) is the sum total of all the typhoons that hit me. Of course in the midst of it all, it didn’t make any sense. But that’s how faith works. You go through the sufferings without bitterness in your heart and trust that God has a plan.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

My sufferings have definitely taught me to persevere… to fight through the struggle eventhough it seems futile. To carry on, even when it should’ve been easier to just quit and walk away. And through it all, here I am thriving. Moulded into what I’ve become. Well, I am still a work in progress, but I am hopeful at the work the Lord has began in me.

“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”

Philippians 1:6

So this is why I am talking about sufferings on my birthday. Because I cannot celebrate life without finding glory in my sufferings. I am what my sufferings have made me… and like the sunset, I view my life with such bittersweet thoughts. Well, my life is not entirely as picturesque, but it definitely exists with the same amount of drama.

Oh Lord, thank you for my life and for the sunrise and sunsets that have come and gone…

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Looking for Love

New York is a lovely place. I love how busy it is–the city that never sleeps. We arrived in NYC at 10 o’clock at night. But with the interminable queuing at the immigration, we didn’t get on the train until 12 midnight. When we finally emerged from the subway and were hauling our luggage along Manhattan, we were desperate for a restful sleep. Much of our days and nights in New York were like that–walking, train rides, and foot cramping. We had a packed itinerary… so we were working on a schedule.

On the first day we were supposed to encounter Time Square before “Book of Mormon”, but we got heavily delayed at the Rockefeller Center, and only had time for dinner. This meant that we had to miss out on seeing the the LOVE-HOPE sculpture. It wasn’t that special. It may be overrated… but I guess the small time romantic in me wanted to believe in a chance at Love and Hope. Luckily that same night, we randomly passed by “HOPE” and I thought… maybe, just maybe, I’d get to find love here in New York, too.

And I did…

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Miss Saigon: From West End to Broadway

In 1997, my Papa took my sister and I to our very first West End Musical and it was Miss Saigon. I grew up singing the songs and I have the entire soundtrack memorized, so it was the first (and only) musical on my list. I remember coming into the theater and being ushered onto the box seats. It was my first West End musical and I was watching it from exclusive box seats — what a treat!

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Travelling with My Sestras

I wasn’t supposed to come on this trip. It was initially a trip planned by two of my sisters, but when the other one decided to come along, my mom thought it best that I did too. My last visit to America was in 2004 and I was still in College then, so it was due time. The only problem was I hadn’t renewed my visa yet. But when I had a successful run at the embassy and was blessed with a 10-year multiple entry, it was clear: “I am kasama” (I am going).

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The Mission Life: Serving in the Red Area

Mission Life Entry #3. Saturday, 23rd of September 2017. Daraga, Albay.

4:00am. My alarm sounded and my mind and body weren’t ready to function yet. The room is pitch dark and my teammates are still asleep. I snoozed the alarm–and bought myself 30 more minutes.

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I Should’ve Brought My Surgery Set

In the latest dental mission I went to, I worked independent from my team. I was invited to join a nationwide Medical-Dental event that was participated by various sectors but I came on my own, so I came representing You and Your Teeth Dental Clinic (my dental practice), and Team Jesus (my mission team).

More confident with my own instruments, I have been accustomed to bringing my set, despite how heavy it is, but I was told I didn’t have to bother because they will bring the instruments. It was more convenient that way, of course, because a full surgery set is quite heavy and it’s much fun to travel light. So I was grateful for that. It seemed perfect–but I was wrong because…

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